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High Efficiency and Low Vibration
Can make you trust - Single-Phase Motors

Economical and High Efficiency
Following IEC standard, insulation class E comes with low vibration level and low noise, which is the advantage of 3- phase motor developed from 1-phase motor of Hitachi. You satisfaction is guaranteed because it can be used in a variety of industries with high engine performance. We believe in high quality products in which we strictly control our manufacturing process for high quality and performance. Therefore , high engine performance with low vibration level makes our Hitachi motor one of the best and highly satisfies our customers worldwide.


Split-phase start Capacitor start Capacitor start
Capacitor run

Compact size
Hitachi Motor uses housing-steel iron (state of the art technology used widely), aluminum alloy cover for impact protection, and the modern shape.
Efficient Ventilation System
We use a high-performance ventilation system that effectively exchanges air from inside to outside environment with dust protection into the centrifugal switch. All of these features contribute to a high performance machine. 

Switch works constantly
The centrifugal switch was de¬veloped that install to the rotor. It can be guaranteed that the switch will work con¬stantly.
High temperature resistance plastic insulator
We carefully choose to use plastic insulation that can support high heat, which is one of the components that makes Hitachi Motor one of the safest motor used in industries

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